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Park Rental Information

Rental Rules

1. Organizations or groups larger than 10 persons must reserve the facility.

2. All checks must be from the renter as they are the responsible party and must be present for the activity.

3. Signed contract, rental payment, and security deposit must be received to confirm reservation.

4. No rental refunds will be issued within 3 weeks prior to a rental date. If a cancellation occurs before 3 weeks of a rental date, the township will retain $25.00 as a cancellation fee and refund the remainder of the rental fee.

5. No commercial uses, concessions or fund-raising activities permitted.

6. Absolutely NO alcohol.

7. Absolutely NO vehicles on the lawn, in the park, or on pathways, for any reason.

8. Picnic tables may not be moved from the shelter house area.

9. Each party is responsible for cleaning up after themselves
Before leaving, please clean tables, put excess trash in the dumpster, take down any signs & balloons you put up, etc. Please be aware that park facilities (e.g. restrooms) are available to the public regardless of private rental. While the park is routinely maintained, please report any problems immediately to either the Township office at (616) 361-7391 or to the Fire Department (616) 855-5808.

***Violation of any rules/regulations or damages
will result in loss of security deposit and future ability to reserve the facility!***