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Rules & Regulations for Crahen Valley Park

Rules & Regulations for Crahen Valley Park

1. Park Hours:
  • No person shall remain within or enter Crahen Valley Park between the hours of sunset and 6:00 a.m.
2. Park Activities:
  • Active and passive recreational activities are permitted in designated areas of the park.  This shall include playground activities in the playground areas; picnics and gatherings in the pavilion or picnic areas; hiking, biking, snow shoe and cross-country skiing on marked trails; sledding and other events as approved or specifically permitted by the Township rules.
  • The township may designate portions of the park for specific uses as well as prohibit specific uses within the park.  Notices of prohibited uses shall be posted.
  • Certain facilities within the park, such as shelters and picnic areas may be reserved for use by individuals or organizations by permit.  Such actions shall be subject to fee and other specific rules.  These facilities, when reserved, are closed to the general public.
3. Preservation of property, natural features and wildlife:
  • No person shall injure, deface, disturb or befoul any part of the park nor any building, sign, equipment or other property found within Township Parks.
  • Removal, injury or destruction of any tree, shrub, rock or other mineral in Township Parks is prohibited. 
  • No hunting or trapping of any kind shall be permitted in Township Parks unless specifically approved by the township.
4. Animal Control:
  • All dogs shall be controlled and on a leash or lead no longer than six (6) feet in length, per Kent County Animal Control Regulations.
  • No aggressive animals are allowed on park property.
  • All pet waste must be cleaned up and disposed of properly.
5. Traffic Control:
  • No motor vehicle shall be permitted in the park other than on public roads and designated areas.  Single seat Motorized Vehicles used by or for accommodation purposes under the Americans with Disabilities Act or the Michigan PWDCRA are permitted. All vehicles used under this Rule shall not exceed five (5) miles per hour on park trails, shall stay to the right on all trails, and shall make an audible noise or alarm to signal or alert other trail users to their presence.
  • No person shall drive any vehicle in willful disregard for safety of persons or property or at a speed in excess of five (5) mph.
  • Vehicles left in a parking lot after closing time may be towed at owner’s expense.
  • State laws relating to lights on vehicles shall apply to vehicles within the park.
6. General Conduct:
  • No person shall be drunk or disorderly in Township Parks.
  • The use of loud speakers, public address systems or sound amplifying equipment is prohibited without township approval.  Excessively loud radios, televisions or similar devices are also prohibited.
  • No noisy, boisterous, disorderly or indecent conduct shall be allowed within Township Parks.
7. General Regulations:
  • There is no overnight camping allowed in Township Parks.
  • No alcoholic beverages shall be allowed in Township Parks.
  • No fires are allowed in Township Parks.
  • No swimming, wading or playing in any water source shall be permitted in Township Parks.  Ice skating is permitted in designated areas only.
  • No person shall engage in any golfing activity, such as practice driving or putting upon any park, play field, playgrounds or other public place.
  • No fireworks of any kind shall be permitted in Township Parks.
  • Except as provided by law, no person shall possess or discharge any firearms of any kinds within Township Parks.  No weapons of any kind shall be brought into Township Parks.
  • No moving of picnic tables, grills or other pieces of park equipment shall be allowed unless specifically approved by the township.
  • Waste receptacles are for disposing of waste emanating on the premises.  No outside trash shall be brought into the Township Parks for disposal.
  • No signs of any kind shall be placed in Township Parks unless specifically approved by the township.
  • No person, or organization, shall sell or offer for sale any article, privilege or service within Township Parks unless approved by the township.
  • No begging, peddling or soliciting shall be allowed in Township Parks.
8. Violation of these rules and penalties:
  • Any person who shall violate any of the above rules shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof shall be punished by a fine of not to exceed $500.00 and costs and/or imprisonment in Kent County Jail for a period not to exceed 90 days.