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GVMC invites Kent and eastern Ottawa County residents to comment on the findings of GVMC’s transportation needs analysis. To determine current and future transportation needs by mode, GVMC worked with various stakeholders from organizations representing transit, passenger rail, air travel, freight movement, and non-motorized modes of transportation. GVMC also analyzed pavement and bridge condition, traffic congestion, and safety for all users of the transportation system. This analysis will be the basis for proposing solutions to meet the current and forecasted transportation needs by mode for the 2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP).

Hard copies of the mode analyses are available at GVMC’s office. Comments will be accepted through Tuesday, October 15. Interested citizens can submit comments in the following ways:

  • In person at GVMC’s office
  • Online using the “submit a comment” button above
  • Over the phone at 616.776.7603
  • Email
  • Or by mail

GVMC’s office is located at 678 Front Ave. NW, Suite 200, Grand Rapids, MI  49504. Comments should be addressed to Andrea Faber.