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August 2, 2022 will be the Primary Election.  The political parties present their candidates for office in the General Election in November.  Voters will have to choose one party and then vote for candidates in that party only.  Grand Rapids Township will have a millage renewal question on the ballot in August.  Our Public Safety Millage is up for renewal.  See the ballot language here.  There can be other non-partisan questions on the ballot as well.  Click here to see your entire ballot.  

November 8, 2022 will be the General Election.  Federal, State, and local races will be decided.  Voters may choose from any party in each race.  There can be non-partisan questions on the ballot as well.

New Polling Locations

Voters of Precinct 8 that formerly voted at Lincoln School will now vote at Forest Hills Baptist Church, 3900 E. Fulton St, Grand Rapids MI 49546.  This location will be shared with Precinct 3 voters in a separate part of the building.   Voters that are affected will be sent a new Voter ID card with all the details.  Check the Voter Precinct map to see the changes we have made.

Voter Registration 

Click here for  Michigan Registration Form

Name Changes must be completed at an SOS branch office.

Your registration will be in effect for the next election if postmarked or delivered no later than 15 days before election day and you have met all the qualifications to register to vote.

After the 15-day deadline and through Election Day, you may register to vote by bringing  this completed form and residency verification to the Township Clerk's office.

You can verify your voter registration, see a sample ballot, find your polling location, and track an absentee ballot with the link below:

Michigan Voter Information Center (MVIC) 

Voter ID

Notice to Voters: New Voter Identification Requirement in Effect