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Zoning Ordinance

Zoning Ordinance

Cover Page

Detailed Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Title, Purpose, and Interpretation
Chapter 2  Definitions
Chapter 3 Zoning Districts and Zoning Map
Chapter 4 General Provisions
Chapter 5 Reserved
Chapter 6 SR Suburban Residential District
Chapter 7 R-1 Single Family Residential District
Chapter 8 Reserved
Chapter 9 R-3/MHD Manufactured Housing Community District
Chapter 10 C-2 Suburban Office District
Chapter 11 C-1 Suburban Neighborhood Commercial District
Chapter 12 C General Commercial District
Chapter 13 Planned Unit Development Districts: Purpose and Procedures
Chapter 14 Standards Applicable to all PUD Districts
Chapter 15 R-PUD Residential District
Chapter 16 Reserved
Chapter 17 OR-PUD Office Residential District
Chapter 18 O-PUD Office District
Chapter 19 CS-PUD Community Service District
Chapter 20 Reserved
Chapter 21 NC-PUD Neighborhood Commercial District
Chapter 22 Reserved
Chapter 22A HC-PUD Healthcare Mixed Use District
Chapter 23 North East Beltline Overlay District
Chapter 24 Special Land Uses
Chapter 25 Site Condominiums
Chapter 26 Site Plan Review
Chapter 27 Private Roads
Chapter 28 Parking and Loading
Chapter 29 Landscaping
Chapter 30 Signs
Chapter 31 Reserved
Chapter 32 Nonconforming Uses and Buildings
Chapter 33 Administration and Enforcement
Chapter 34 Board of Zoning Appeals
Chapter 35 Amendments
Chapter 36 Separability
Chapter 37 Conflicting Ordinances Repealed


Ordinance No. 539 Repeal local animal control ordinance-replaced by County Ordinance
Ordinance No. 538 [Residential Properties on Dunnigan Avenue: Rezoning from HC-PUD to SR District]
Ordinance No. 537 [Amendment No. 2 of Spectrum Health PUD - East Beltline Ave at Three Mile Road]
Ordinance No. 536 [Avanterra Forest Hills Preserve PUD - 2409 Knapp Street, NE]
Ordinance No. 535 [Franklin 3300 Beltline/ Southern Sun PUD - 3300 East Beltline Avenue, NE]
Ordinance No. 534 [Replacement Storm Water Ordinance]
Ordinance No. 532
[Kuyper/WDG PUD - 3141, 3199, and 3333 East Beltline Avenue, NE]
Ordinance No. 531 [Amendment No. 1 of Knapp North PUD - Parcel C, 2333 East Beltline Avenue, NE]
Ordinance No. 530
[Franklin 3300 Beltline/Southern Sun PUD - 3300 East Beltline Ave, NE]
Ordinance No. 529 [Amendment No. 6 in Celadon New Town PUD - Addition of 2120 Leffingwell Avenue Parcel]
Ordinance No. 528
[C General Commercial District: Distribution Center and Indoor Self-Service Storage Facility]
Ordinance No. 527 [Forest Hills Preserve PUD - 2409 Knapp St NE]
Ordinance No. 526 [885 Patterson Ave - Rezoning to C District]
Ordinance No. 525 [Marihuana Establishments; Shared Driveways; Fences; PUD Districts; Other Amendments]
Ordinance No. 524 [Prohibit the Establishment or Operation of Recreational Marihuana Establishments in the Township]
Ordinance No. 523 [Franklin Partners PUD - 3300, 3450 & 3590 East Beltline Ave]
Ordinance No. 522 [4445 Fulton St. O-PUD]
Ordinance No. 521 [BDR, Inc. - 50 Crahen Ave]
Ordinance No. 520  [Growing Smiles Pediatric Dentistry] 
Ordinance No. 519 [East Beltline/Three Mile Road Area OR-PUD]
Ordinance No. 518 [Shared Driveways; OR-PUD District; Board of Zoning Appeals (Special Exception Use); Other Amendments]
Ordinance No. 517 [881 Kirk Drive & 890 Delray Avenue - Rezoning to C District]
Ordinance No. 516 [Pool Ordinance Amendment]
Ordinance No. 515 [Amendment No. 2 of Cook Valley Estates Green House PUD]
Ordinance No. 513 [Forest Hills Preserve PUD - 2409 Knapp St NE]
Ordinance No. 512 [R-PUD District Amendments - Maximum Dwelling Density et al.]
Ordinance No. 511 [Revised SR, R-1, C-2, C-1 and C Districts; Accessory Building Amendments; Nonconforming Structures; Definitions]
Ordinance No. 510 [Amendment No. 1 of Spectrum Health PUD - Springs at Knapp's Corner PUD
(Continental Properties Co.)]
Ordinance No. 509 [Residential Unit Size - HC-PUD District]
Ordinance No. 508 [Universal Forest Products PUD]
Ordinance No. 506 [Amendment No. 3 of Evergreen Lake Office Park-North PUD]
Ordinance No. 505 [Amendment No. 1 of Grand Rapids Town Center PUD (Twisted Rooster Outdoor Dining, Unit 1, 1618 East Beltline Avenue)]
Ordinance No. 504 [Chapter 30 - Signs]
Ordinance No. 503  [PUD Districts; RR and R-2 Districts; Storage of Trailers in R-1 District]
Ordinance No. 502  [Pinnacle Ventures PUD] 
Ordinance No. 501 [Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park - Rezoning of 3300 Leonard St NE]
Ordinance No. 499 [Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park - Additional Lands, 800 East Beltline Ave]
Ordinance No. 498 [Amendment No. 5 in Celadon New Town PUD - Buildings B, C, E(a), E(b), F, G & J(a) and Their Assigned Vehicle Parking Areas, et al.]
Ordinance No. 495 [Amendment No. 4 in Celadon New Town PUD - Expansion of Building B, Licari's Sicilian Pizza Kitchen]
Ordinance No. 493 [Limited and Temporary Outdoor Displays and Sales; Outdoor Vending Machines]
Ordinance No. 492 [Spectrum Health PUD; Future HC-PUD (East Beltline Avenue at Three Mile Road, et al.]
Ordinance No. 491  [Forest Hill Center PUD] 
Ordinance No. 490 [College and University SLU in R-R, S-R and R-1 Districts] 
Ordinance No. 489 [Temporary Use Permit for Limited Patio/Al Fresco Dining] 
Ordinance No. 488 [Amendments in Sign Provisions] 
Ordinance No. 487 [Ch. 22A - "HC-PUD" Healthcare and Commercial/Residential Uses - Mixed Use PUD District] 
Ordinance No. 484 [Alterations of Nonconforming Signs] 
Ordinance No. 483  [Early Advantage Day Care PUD] 
Ordinance No. 482 [Rainbow Child Development Center PUD]
Ordinance No. 481 [Walgreens Pharmacy PUD]
Ordinance No. 478 [Ch. 13 - Planned Unit Developments (Township Board Public Hearing on PUDs)]
Ordinance No. 474 [Section 30.2 and Section 30.3] 
Ordinance No. 469 [R-3 Manufactured Housing Community District]
Ordinance No. 468 [Sexually Oriented Businesses, Mineral Removal and Condominiums] 
Ordinance No. 467 AN ORDINANCE: [To continue the Township Planning Commission]
Ordinance No. 458 [Amendments Relating to Community Special Event Signs, Portable Signs, Parking of Recreational Vehicles, and Prohibition of Certain Portable Accessory Buildings] 
Ordinance No. 453 [Amendments to conform to the Michigan Zoning Enabling Act] 
Ordinance No. 446 [PUD-SA Option and PUD-SB Option]
Ordinance No. 443 [Farm Market Special Land Use]
Ordinance No. 442 [Ordinance No. 428, to replace the reserved Ch. 22 with an ordinance that allows the Township to consider Lifestyle Center Mixed Use PUDs] 
Ordinance No. 436 [Sections 19.3(1)(c), 23.7(3), 23.7(4) AND 24.9]