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Payment Options

Payments can be made in person at the township office.  The office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.  Payments can be made by check, money order, or cash.  Payment by cash must be made with the exact dollar and change amount.  The township office does not carry change for tax payments.  Checks are preferred. Payments can also be made after regular office hours by utilizing the drop box located in the pillar at the front entrance of the township building.

Payments can be mailed to the township office.  Your cancelled check can act as a receipt.  If an additional receipt is required, return the entire bill and a self-addressed stamped envelope.   Postmarks are not accepted as on-time payments.  Any payment received after the due date will have interest and penalty applied. There is no grace period.

Credit card payments can be made through Official Payments Corporation.  The township does not accept credit card payments in person.  Official Payments Corporation offers this service for a fee.  This option is offered beginning July 1 through February 28.  Official Payments Corporation can be reached at 888-272-9829 or  Both options require the Grand Rapids Jurisdiction Code:  3231.

Automatic payments can be made by debiting a checking or savings account.  Tax payers can sign up for this option by filling out the AUTOMATIC BILL PAY AUTHORIZATION FORM, attaching a voided check and mailing to the township office.  (This form must be received by September 1 for a summer debit and December 15 or February 1 for a winter debit.)  Summer taxes will be debited on September 14.  Winter taxes will be debited on either December 31 or February 14.  Please verify the transaction with a bank statement.

The township does not offer formal payment plans.  However, we will accept as many partial payments as necessary for the payment of your taxes.  Summer tax payments are accepted July 1 through the end of February.  Winter tax payments are accepted December 1 through the end of February. The township can not accept payments for real property after the end of February.