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Property Characteristics

The Assessing Department maintains a database of Grand Rapids Township’s real and personal property; including property owners and mailing addresses. We also maintain a file on each real property in the township, including photos, a sketch of all structures, a list of building permits and a history of ownership transfers

Property characteristics are reviewed through the reappraisal process.  Reappraisals are required by the State of Michigan in order to maintain uniformity throughout each jurisdiction of the State. A five-year or 20% annual cycle for reappraisal is suggested for each jurisdiction.   A letter is mailed to each property owner included in a reappraised neighborhood along with a survey to be completed and returned.  Data is obtained and compiled from the survey and from an on-site inspection performed by a member of the assessor’s staff; each property is reviewed even if the resident fails to respond to the survey.

Staff is here to assist owners, real estate brokers, appraisers, and others in their quest for information about properties in the township and make information available to the public.

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